What Does It Take?


Our Future Schools

     When will we be heard? When your child is shot at his or her school by someone armed with an automatic assault rifle? How will you feel knowing you chose to be paid by the NRA instead of protecting our children? How will that money buy you one more minute of your child’s precious life? Where is your moral compas now? Wake up lawmakers!!! You are supposed to be protecting our country with every fiber of your being. What now? Who needs an automatic assault weapon? An eighteen year old?? Really? They can’t buy alcohol but they can buy an assault weapon. I am broken. My soul is ripped to shreds. I cannot see a safe future for us.

I teach in an inner city school. I love what I do, and I love my kids. I need you to help me help my kids feel safe. I am not a gun hater. I don’t want you to take our right to bear arms away, I just want you to keep weapons that should only be used by our military out of the hands of those who can do so much harm. Yes this is an issue of the heart. An issue of mental illness. But dear God, in the meantime, we need solid gun laws to stay protected. Meet in the middle. It is going to take both solutions to make us safe. It isn’t a simple solution. It is complex, and requires you to act. Do your job. Stop worrying about money, or getting re-elected. Stand firm for making a positive change. Make a difference. Serve the people, save the children. I implore you to do what is right. Please.


Clement’s Corner

Sweet SummerIMG_5571Spending 7 hours in my classroom. Seven SUMMMER hours. You know, hours a teacher should be spending on Facebook, drinking coffee, writing children’s books, and traveling. Traveling, my favorite of all those summer hours I spend. What I wouldn’t give to have an endless amount  of cashflow for that very addictive behavor I picked up as a child. A child whose father was a corperate pilot. Instead, I have a husband who is a travel agent. Ergo,  mucho poor, but we travel a lot in the summer months. This being one of the perks of travel agents, and me being the wife. Italy looms in the next two weeks. I am here pinching myself, so excited to travel across the pond to see things I have only dreampt of seeing!